President Joseph “Bossman” Little and Scholarship Chairman John “JO” Williams presented the Charlotte Trooper Scholarship of $1000 to Donald Alex Singleton. This young man was selected because of his leadership skills as well as school support. He attended Charlotte West High School. His credentials while in high school include drum major, treasurer for the student government, and a position on the city government council. While Donald was actively participating in school events, he achieved the highest level of Eagle Scouts of the Boy Scouts of America medal. Since 1912 of the millions of Boys Scouts, only 5 % achieve this goal. We are proud of this young man and will continue to follow him while at University of NC State.

In addition, Donald Alex Singleton, who is the son of Michael and Mochelle Belger, Donald was awarded the SouthEastern Frontier Scholarship award of $2000 and the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Scholarship of $2500. In all, this young man is set up for success from the NABSTMC with a total of $5500 in scholarships