Buffalo Soldiers MC of Alexandria,La is Pounding In Our Community, visiting Mrs Etta Compton at The Lexington Rehabilitation Center. Mrs Compton was a community activists, and confronted many challenges including racism and bigotry. Mrs Compton refused to be labeled or accept second class citizenship. Mrs Compton was also a active member of the NAACP, the help planner, and the Cenla Visionaries, and more. Mrs Compton brought to the forefront how African-Americans Soldiers was slaughter in the Lee Street Riot January 10, 1942. Untold tragedy of young servicemen who lives was taken and bodies discharged like trash. Mrs Compton became ill and turned over the Memorial Service to honor the victim of the Lee Street Riot to the Buffalo Soldiers MC Club of Alexandria,La.
The Buffalo Soldiers MC Club of Alexandria,La found the owner of this  lot to get the consent to place a monument of the Riot on Lee Street