Going Mobile - Accessing NABSTMC content just got easier!

You asked for it, and here it is just point your smartphone.... HERE!!


Accessing relative NABSTMC information just got easier.

We have designed this product to work on most mobile devices that have touchscreen capabilities(Smartphones) Some of the key features are:

  • Designed to work on any smart phone.
    Rather than worrying about creating applications for each of the mobile platforms – iOS, Blackberry, Android – a mobile friendly subset of our website will make the important information accessible regardless of the device you are using. There is no need to download any software, just point to this link http://www.nabstmc.com/m1 and no matter what smartphone you have you should be able to experience these new features.
  • Find the closet Good Samaritan Chapter nearest you.
    In the course of traveling on your Iron Horse you may at one time or another find the need for help whether it's because of a flat tire, fender bender or other emergency situations. Choosing this this option will list the closest NABSTMC good samaritan in your area by using the GPS capabilities of your smartphone. These soldiers have volunteered to help in various ways from towing and wrenching to emergency lodging. If you are interested in becoming a Good Samaritan then simply follow this LINK to download the form. Fill it out and email it to this email address or one of the email addresses listed on the form.
  • Watch educations videos
    Hmm dropped that 800 pound bike, watch this young lady show you how to pick it up. There will soon be a library full of interesting videos for your edutainment.
  • Take interactive quizzes
    Test your knowledge on a variety of subjects from Motorcycle Skills to Buffalo Soldier History
  • Access all BSMTC events around the country
  • Access NABSTMC news feeds