National Ambassadors

Northeastern Frontier

Augustus F. Lover Jr. “Soldier”

Southeast Frontier

Bobby “Shaft” Hinton

Great Lakes Frontier

William Earl Ami’s “Leatherneck-2”


Western Frontier

 Ken Coleman “Highway”

My riding experience started in 1966, and consisted of street riding, street racing, quarter miledrag track racing, and cross country touring. I started on a Harley, Yamaha, Triumph, and finallya Honda K750 in 1972. I graduated to a luxury touring bike in 1988, which of course was aHonda Gold Wing GL1500, and finally to the supreme tour bike, the Honda GL1800A in 2002. My love for riding helped foster friendships throughout the United States. These friendship swere with numerous individuals, motorcycle organizations, and motorcycle clubs.

On June 7, 1999 I was afforded the privilege of becoming the founder and President of the Sacramento, California chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, and one of the founding seven (7) chapters of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Club(August 1999). I served as President for seven years, and during my tenure, retired from work in 2002, after serving the State of California for thirty (30) years. Since retirement, I’ve been able to log 397,361miles from February 2002 to January 15, 2014, on my Gold Wing GL1800A, thus the riding name ” Highway”.

On June 6, 2009, I was appointed as the Western Frontier Ambassador, and on September 28, 2009,I was appointed as one of two National Ambassadors, by the National Executive Officers and the National Frontier Representatives. As a National Ambassador, I openly accepted assigned responsibilities, advised,assisted, and represented our organization in activities, and fields of various endeavors within communities throughout the United States, and Canada.

I encourage others to get into the sport of motorcycle riding, in hopes of sharing the wonderful experiences with all. Our Association promotes the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and we leavean open invitation to all, to ride with us and experience the art of riding, while promoting a positive image of the motorcycle rider.


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