National Officers

President Emeritus and Founder of the NABSTMC

Ken “Dream Maker” Thomas

Hello, my name is Ken Thomas aka “Dream Maker”

I am the founder of the Chicago Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Club, formally the Chicago Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club was formed in 1999 after the growth of our club with Buffalo Soldier chapters in other states. With the Chicago Chapter being recognized as the mother chapter of the organization the club has grown to over 115 chapters to date.

I am a retired Chicago Police Officer and I currently ride a 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour. I have been riding motorcycles over 30 years and I choose to form the motorcycle club after experiencing the activities of the local clubs in the Chicago area. I wanted to create a new club that honored the history and legacy of those African Americans that fought and died for this country and a club that would be respected within our community and throughout this nation.  Our mission as a club is simple, we ride, educate, and give back to community.

As they say, “The rest is history”




Glenn “GrayFox” Williams.

I am the President and Chief Operating Officer of Millennium Technologies located in Baltimore, Maryland. I ride a Victory Cross Country Tour and enjoy traveling with my lovely wife KayGee.

I am a history buff and one evening while surfing Buffalo Soldier history, I discovered the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club and became a “Probie” one month later (January 2004). I look forward to meeting more of you as we move forward with our mission of education, camaraderie and community service.

Vice President

Nathan “Motown” Mack

My name is Nathan “Motown” Mack and I am proud to be apart of the greatest motorcycle club in the world. 

I am a retired Sergeant Major of 26 years and I continue to serve my country as a government contractor. I have an MBA and I am currently pursuing my Doctorates. I love sharing the history and accomplishments of the Buffalo Soldiers with others and what makes it even better is riding and socializing with other Soldiers from around the country.

I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to serve as your National Vice President. It is our mission to do good things in our community and be positive role models for our youth. I believe in helping tomorrow’s leaders today and today is now!


Betty “Boo” Thornton

I am Betty “Boo” the President of the Houston Texas BSMC.

I would describe myself as a positive self-motived person that believes in this organization, and I strive every day to be the best “Buffalo Soldier” I can possibly be. 

The great part of the NABSTMC is that our members are from all walks of life and identify with numerous professional occupations. We take pride in living the “Dream”, giving back to our communities and teaching our young one and some old about the history and the legacy of the 9th and 10th Calvary Buffalo Soldiers.”

We all need to remember… “ONE CLUB…ONE PATCH…ONE MINDSET!!!” And as I always say….

“Your continuous support is always greatly appreciated!”

Much Love, Betty “Boo” Thornton, National Secretary, NABSTMC



James L. Thomas Sr. AKA Big Dog

My name is James L. Thomas Sr. AKA Big Dog.

I am a charter member and the First President of Eufaula, Alabama Buffalo Soldiers Chapter.

I served and Retired from the United States Army with over 20 years of distinguish service. I am a faithful servant of Zion Baptist Church in Eufaula, Alabama and Prince Hall Masonry of Oklahoma and its Jurisdiction; I am deeply rooted in our community.

I want the Buffalo Soldiers Nation to know how honored I am to serve as Treasure of this prestige organization. This position is a huge responsibility and I do not take it lightly. I hope to assist and provide support through years of “One Club, One Patch, One Mindset” and looking for more ideas that represent that theme.


Michael D. “The Blessed Outlaw” Shelton, Jr.

My name is Michael D. “The Blessed Outlaw” Shelton, Jr.  I am a proud member of the Indianapolis Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers and have been since August 2005.

I proudly served my country in the United States Marine Corps from 1979 to 1983.  In 1984 I became an Indiana State Trooper until I retired in 2009, after which I was instructed by God to enroll in Bible College.  I received my AS Degree in Christian Ministries at Indiana Wesleyan University in 2011.  I am a member of the New Horizons Church here in Indianapolis.  In December of 2011 I was made an offer I could not refuse, to go back to work in law enforcement as a sergeant with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office as a Detective and a Police Motor Officer.

I am currently the Great Lakes Frontier Chaplain.  It is going to be an honor to represent the NABSTMC as your National Chaplain and my sole purpose is to be available for every Trooper and Soldier in this organization at anytime for every way I can possibly be.  God has given me this opportunity to use the gifts He has bestowed upon me for this great organization and to maintain a positive bridge between the National Officers and each and every person in this club. “ONE CLUB, ONE PATCH, ONE MINDSET”!!!  I am here for YOU!!!   

“In His Service”
“The Blessed Outlaw”

National Safety Officer


Greetings, I am RoadRunner and I am honored to serve as your National Safety Officer. As a “certified” Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Rider Coach and Harley Davidson Riding Academy Rider Coach, I do not propose to have all the answers but my close relationship with the Alabama Traffic Safety Center, Alabama Motorcycle Safety Program, and MSF, it is my intention to develop a National Rider Education Program that will help NABSTMC members become safer Riders reducing injuries and fatalities while increasing rider and co-rider knowledge, riding skills, and awareness through continuing motorcycling education at Chapter, Frontier, and National events.

I look forward to working with the many NABSTMC Road Captains nationwide as we develop and roll out a dynamic program. I look forward to seeing you all as participants in classroom settings as well as range exercises to improve your motorcycle riding skills and knowledge. Again, it’s a true honor to serve as your National Safety Officer. Much luv!

RoadRunner National Safety Officer NABSTMC.

Asst. Secretary

Tia “Broadway” Winston

My name is Tia “Broadway” Winston. I am the Asst. National Secretary of the NABSTMC. I’ve been the Central Frontier secretary for six years and am also the Dallas, TX chapter secretary. I’m an active duty Army Major preparing to retire in 2017. My current iron horse of pleasure is a Hot Rod Red 2017 Street glide special. I’m a mother, a wife, a biker and a friend to hundreds of Soldiers who I cherish. I’ve only been riding since 2009 but because of the Soldier nation, I’m addicted to the highway.

I love and “RESPECT” our founder Kenneth “Dream Maker” Thomas for his vision to identify this M/C with the forgotten African American Soldiers known as the Buffalo Soldiers. My favorite thing about being a Buffalo Soldier is the financial support we provide to educate our youth. I’m committed to the tireless work necessary to keep his “Dream” alive as we ride, educate and support our communities.
Two quotes I live by “To lead is to serve” and “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

National Photographer

Tom “Squirrel” Kirklen

My Name is Tom Kirklen aka Squirrel I have been appointed to be the paparazzi   for the Buffalo nation. It will be my job to make you look your best as you represent the NABSTMC. I have been a member of the association for 9yrs. Currently with the Chicago Troopers, holding the position of webmaster. My iron horse is Black Beauty a 2012 Honda Goldwing. I am a retired Logic control tech.

I have been behind the camera for over 40yrs. I’m proud of the fact that after years of research I was able to find the records that show my grandfather was a member of the US 9th Cavalry and 24th Infantry, BUFFFAALOOO. 

Sergeant at Arms-East

Lloyd “Highway” Russell

Sergeant at Arms-West

Roosevelt ‘Showpiece’ Brown

National Webmaster

Alice “Sugar Brown” Brown